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Name: Mutant
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] mutanthairything

Character Name: Jade [AU last name: ]
Character Age: 16 (20 in canon)
Canon: Beyond Good and Evil
Role: Junior
Clubs/Activities: Journalism club

Physical Description: [Sum up how your character looks and dresses.]
Game History: [Describe your character's background. Embellish wherever necessary. Where do they live? Do they get good grades? What is their family like? How are others likely to have interacted with them prior to the game?]
Powers: [High school students are allowed up to one canon power to keep. College students may have two. Teachers may have all of their canon powers, if you wish. A character may have fewer powers (or none) than they do in canon, but not more. If an ability is overpowered, you may be required to scale it back so as not to break or ruin the game.]
Goals: [What does your character think about the setting? What do they hope to gain from interacting with other characters? Do they plan to join a club? You can be as detailed or simplistic as you like here.]
Personality: [What emotional and mental traits define the character? How do they feel about the teachers, and other students? What are their weaknesses and strengths?]
Pre-Established CR: [If you've worked out CR with any other characters, please describe it here.]
Writing Samples: [Provide a link to the most recent test drive where your character participated. If you posted a starter but did not receive any responses, show where you tagged someone else's starter. If you prefer, you can write your own sample, so long as it proves that you have a good grasp of the way this character acts and thinks. If you want to provide both a link and a writing sample, knock yourself out.]
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Emilia Westmarch
Jade started off not thinking much of her, as she was the owner of an abomination that made a mess in her shop, but after exploring the witch's swamp together, she thinks Emilia's pretty cool.
Linda Esquivel
A quiet woman, who seems to be nervous about something back home, but Jade doesn't want to push her on it. Despite being a police worker, she seems to be one of the nice ones.
Niko Bellic
This guy can be trusted. Knows how to fight the native hostile wildlife.
She's very helpful and focused, which was good for the time friction was temporarily turned off.
Bennett Rainsford
Brilliant scientist; needs to be rescued during missions. She likes this guy.
Dr. Rene Belloq
She thought she could rely on him to give her work. Turns out he's a backstabbing jerk.
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Character Information:
Description: Jade is a woman of about average height while a slight athletic build. She carries a fighting staff on her back and a device that stores small objects by compressing them into data. It's controlled by an AI named Secundo
Medical History: N/A
Abilities: Jade is skilled in fighting with her staff, able to perform some impressive acrobatic skills with it designed to move away from enemies and prevent them from hitting her. She's a professional photographer, so any picture she'll take will be a good one.

She's quick to learn how to operate futuristic vehicles, though she has experience with hovercraft (hers mostly travels on water, but it can also go on flat, dry land) and personal spacecraft the most.
Game Info: Jade primarily runs her own freelance photography business.
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Basic Information:
4th Walling?: Not really, no, but if it's for minor observations of video game logic, please contact me first and we might be able to work it out.
Physical: Jade only gets into fights if it's necessary, but attempting physical harm will have her react appropriately. If she's not friends with you, she'll not be okay with hugging or kissing, but if our CR is positive, you can do so without asking for permission.
Mental: Mind reading and telepathy are fine, but contact me first.
Content Warnings: N/A
Personal Restrictions: I'm fine with her getting into a relationship with other characters, but I won't do smut.
Additional:(if applicable)
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Player Information
Name: Natalia
Age: 23
App Contact:[personal profile] mutanthairything | [plurk.com profile] mutanthairything | AIM: mutanthairything

Character Information
Name: Jade
Canon: Beyond Good and Evil
Age: 20
Appearance: Image Jade has brown skin and has short, boyish hair, though a sizable tuft falls a bit over her headband. She wears blue pants made of a thick material, a white shirt that shows her midriff, and a long sleeved green jacket. She wears heavy brown boots and a green headband.

Her S.A.C. is attached to her belt while her dai-jo is stored on her back. On her left hand, she wears a dark blue glove.
Canon Point: After ending of game and returning home

History: Summary of game events and Section on her wiki page about her pre-game history

Personality: Jade is a self-motivated young woman, as he created her own freelance business to support her family and took initiative to help the IRIS network expose the true goals of the Alpha Sections. She has a strong penchant for justice and looking after others, joining a resistance movement (though not without initial skepticism) and raising six orphans in a lighthouse shelter. While not always financially secure, she loves her little family and looks after the kids like a motherly big sister.

With people she's very close with, like Pey'j, she often makes snarky comments to them. She's typically slow to trust others, but if they are giving her a job, proof that they are trustworthy can wait until she's paid. With her family, especially her adopted kids orphaned by the DomZ attacks, she acts as both a surrogate mother and older sister, making sure that the children are safe and provided for. The friends she makes throughout the course of the game, in particular Double H, started out as suspicious people that she had no choice but to work with, and later people she couldn't live without. The IRIS are like a band of friends with the same goal, and according to the epilogue, Double H how helps out at the lighthouse from time to time.

Jade's sense of justice is extremely strong. When she discovered the conspiracy behind the Alpha Sections, she made it her top priority to continue exposing the government's lies to the public. When traveling to the DomZ secret base on the moon, while sending the final photos of what was actually going on was official her top priority, she has a lot of personal goals as well: to rescue her family and make them pay for hurting all of the innocent civilians.

Her hobbies include practicing yoga and spending time outside with the kids and their dog. She's learned to appreciate the calm moments when she's not on a job or when hostile aliens aren't attacking, and prefers spending her free time relaxing or doing slow paced activities.

Despite her strong will, Jade prefers to remain in the background. While this is particularly due to safety concerns, she sees no need in announcing her presence or loudly bragging about her skills (one-on-one bragging is fine by her, though). It works for her, since she tries her best not to be noticed by enemies or draw too much negative attention to herself, which is invaluable when working for a resistance organization.

Considering that she was a member of an anti-military resistance movement, she isn't above using illegal methods, provided that they were illegal in the first place because it wasn't moral. A major part of the game involves her collect pearls to trade for hovercraft parts in the black market, which is the most convenient place for many to buy supplies. The official currency of Hillys is stored in an electronic account that citizens use cards to access, so the black market is a way for her to buy hovercraft parts using physical objects the government can't track. She still uses official stores for buying food supplies and paying her bills.

Abilities: Jade is a highly skilled nature photographer, being able to take good and accurate photos of moving wildlife or secret pictures of criminal activities. In doing so, she relies heavily on stealth and is good at finding hidden entrances and sneaking.

She's quick at learning to drive vehicles, though she's best at hoverboats and large flying machines, as those are the most common private modes of transportation in Hyllis. She's won racing championships as well. When near a powerful DomZ, her healing powers awaken.

She uses her dai-jo in her fighting style, which involves lots of stylized gymnastic movements and can store and release a massive energy burst to damage enemies.

Her glove can shoot small, thin discs. While they themselves don't do any damage, she uses them to hit faraway buttons or distract enemies by hitting their weak spot, providing an opening for her to attack.

Strengths:Jade specializes in stealth and photography, and putting the two together, she's one of the ideal photojournalists to send into a hideout for scouting. She's good a quietly jumping onto raised platforms, leaping across gaps and grasping any surface she finds, and rolling across floors right behind cover. She has decent fighting skills against regular people, focusing on dexterity rather than strength, though her skillsets lie in avoiding fights. Growing up not in a good economic situation, she's street smart and knows how to manage her money, though this doesn't mean she never gets into a financial deficit. The beginning of the game, for example, has her power supply cut off because she wasn't able to pay the entire bill on time.

Weaknesses:As her fighting style does not rely on strength, Jade is only as strong as a regularly athletic 20-year-old woman. Powerful or armored enemies are sure to defeat her in combat. The best way for enemies to break her is to hurt her loved ones (like kidnapping the children and torturing Pey'j). She's slow to trust new people, and needs proof of their integrity before being comfortable around them. Typically, this can involve unintentionally teaming up together in a mission where they rely on each other to survive.

RP Samples:
Action: Anon Dare Meme - Jade takes a picture of Olaf the snowman
Test Drive

Network [Audio]:

[The radio turns on and there's a few seconds of silence before Jade speaks.] I'm in. [She speaks in a low voice, careful not to let anyone in the criminal's base notice her, even if they aren't on the same floor as her.] I got into their basement, but I hear some activity going on upstairs. I don't think there's anyone in the storage, but I'm not taking any chances. [A small vocalized breath, as if she's climbing up something.] I'm gonna take any pictures of evidence down here first, then I'll move up. I'll cut off communications after that unless I get caught. [The sound of her walking a short distance, then suddenly stopping.] Anything you need proof of, tell me now.

Special Items: She'll be bringing her S.A.C. , a device she carries on her that digitizes items and stores them in it. These items include capsules that fit in the palm of her hand, food items, key cards, large pearls, and her camera. There's a delay when the S.A.C. scans the item, so that may be the reason why she prefers to carry her weapon on her.

The S.A.C. is run by an AI named Secundo, who mainly works with managing her inventory, though at one point in canon he hacks into a computer to allow her team access into a building, thought she normally would depend on a group at headquarters to do so.

She will also be bringing her camera, which can send images directly to computers that are advanced enough to accept photos like that. Along with this, she's bringing her two weapons: her fighting staff and the disc shooter.


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